De persoon achter de thuisbakkerij "Sweet Dreams" is Mary. Ze studeert momenteel voor patissier en volgt daarmee haar opa in zijn voetsporen, die ook zijn eigen banketbakkerij had. Ze komt uit Griekenland en het bakken maakt haar enthousiast en geeft haar veel plezier. Ze houdt er van om Franse en Griekse traditionele "zoete dromen" te bakken, alhoewel bakken in het algemeen haar ook gelukkig maakt.


Behind the home bakery "Sweet Dreams" there is Mary, currently studying Patisserie. She is following her grandfather's steps, who was a Pastry Chef and owned a bakery. She comes from Greece, and baking gives her a lot of happiness and enthusiasm. What she especially loves to bake is French and Greek traditional sweet dreams, although she enjoys baking everything in general!


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Christina Edwards
2 jaar geleden

Dear Mary,

I came across your profile with SweetDreams. The site was recommended by a friend of mine who is a hobby baker living in Groningen.

I live in Vleuten/De Meern, so we are really close to each other. I got very excited when I read that you do French pastries. I grew up in France and I really miss certain pastries that I gew up with in my childhood. I would be delighted if you know how to make some of these pastries. Here is the list of the ones I miss the most:
Religieuse au chocolat, tartelette hérisson and tartelette au citron, Are you familiar with those? Also, there are few pastries/breads that I really miss, but these are more regional: la Pogne (from the Valence area), la salée à la crème (from the Yverdon area in Switzerland) and la tresse au beurre (also from the French speaking part of Switzerland).
Are you familiar with any of these cakes? And would you know how to make them?

I look forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards
Christina Edwards